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All the News That’s Fit to Print

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You know, come to think of it, The
New York Times is perhaps the most honest newspaper in the MSM industry—at least insofar in that it states upfront that it’s going to be dishonest. It’s right there in front of you—you just have to read into their slogan a bit.

Who determines what news is “fit to print”? The editorial board at The New York Times. And who composes said editorial board? Leftists (what–you think there are any Ron Paul supporters on the board?). And what has been a common denominator of leftists over the past century? Spoon-feeding State-sanctioned (and State-contrived) “news” to the proletariat.

It’s not the fault of the Times for encapsulating the above in its pithy tagline—I mean, that’s the whole point of taglines—to be pithy! Really, it’s the fault of the intellectually torpid consumers of the Times for not putting on their critical-thinking caps and mustering the energy (and nerve) to peek behind the curtain.

But then, we already knew this of devoted Times readers.

Anyway, that’s really all beside the point.

So I pop open this morning’s USA Today and there’s a front page headline about pesticides being correlated with significantly lower IQs. The paper cites a study that saw as much as a seven point drop in average IQ’s across children raised in areas heavily exposed to pesticides compared to those who weren’t. It then goes on to compare this with lead poisoning, which had been associated with an average IQ impairment of two points. A two point drop in average IQ, says the article, “can have an enormous impact, says pediatrician Aaron Bernstein of Children’s Hospital Boston.”

It explains further…

“That’s because a population’s IQ scores, when plotted on a graph, tend to fall along a bell-shaped curve. Shifting the entire curve down, even if just by a few points, causes a big jump in the number of kids with low intelligence and a dramatic loss in the number of super-smart ones, says Bernstein, who wasn’t involved in the study. That can sharply increase the number of kids needing remedial education, says Bruce Lanphear, a professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, also not involved in the study.”

Of course the above is all true—the median of a Gaussian distribution of IQ scores is the A-#1 predictor of the success (or failure) of the population so measured. This has been known for quite a long time, has been repeatedly confirmed in study after study, and has yet to be refuted by any credible, competing, falsifiable theory.

Hey, you know what else is associated with lowered IQ? Oh wait—we’re not allowed to talk about that, are we? For if I were to suddenly start citing the mountains of evidence that show a distinct correlation between race and IQ, and that IQ is largely heritable (estimated at around 80% by the authorities on the subject, Hernstein & Murrary, if memory serves), and that IQ is essentially stable throughout one’s life—no matter how much money we throw at the DOE to erase that darned stubborn “achievement gap”—why, that will get me smeared as a “bigoted, hate-filled, redneck racist”, will destroy relationships, could cost me my job, and would probably even earn me threats upon my very life and limb.

Think I exaggerate here?

So, how is it that the MSM gets away with writing stories about IQ and normal distributions and how awful lowering those normal distributions by even two points is on society when talking about pesticide exposure, but has never, never, never, never, never brought up these facts when talking about immigration policy and the sundry “affirmative action”-type liberalist ridiculousness that have worked their ways into legal precedent, regulations, official policy, etc. (e.g., “disparate impact”, or “the achievement gap”)?

To anyone with their eyes open, the answer is obvious: “Environmentalism” (read: crypto-Communism and/or anti-humanism) is a cause near-and-dear to leftists (see the aforementioned “crypto-Communism”). Therefore, anything that might damn private industry and/or human development in general is heralded on the front pages of major newspapers—no matter how tenuous or preliminary be the studies. (The 800 lbs. gorilla of this very thing is, of course, the whole “OMFG GLOBAL COOLING! AN ICE AGE COMETH!!!”…oh wait, I mean “OMFG GLOBAL WARMING! PESTILENCE! FAMINE! WE’RE GOING TO BE BAKED ALIVE!”…oh wait, I mean, “OMFG THE CLIMATE CHANGES! IT CHANGES, MAN! THIS IS HORRIBLE! QUICK—GIVE ALL OF OUR MONEY TO DEVELOPING NATIONS!!! IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO STOP IT!!!“).

However, “race idealism” is the central dogma of modern liberalist thinking, and as such, anything at all that might be perceived as challenging this dogma is dutifully swept under the rug by the MSM. Hence we never hear anything about the fact that, say, allowing refugees and immigrants of untold numbers from sub-Saharan Africa—whose natives have an average IQ difference of twenty-five points relative to whites (and thirty points relative to East Asians), and Latin America—with an average IQ shortage of fifteen points relative to whites—should, by the very logic of the anti-pesticide crusaders stated in the USA Today article above, pose a catastrophic risk to American society.

Never hear about that, do you?

Oh, and just as an aside, anyone hear about the two innocent black folk on the MARTA in Atlanta the other day, on their way to work, and were savagely attacked by a wild mob of fifty or so white teens? What about the white twelve year-old who held up a convenience store outside of Detroit? Did you hear about the “flash mob” of whites in Venice Beach, CA, where things got violent and out-of-hand, leaving at least one person shot dead? How about the arrests and injuries that marred McDonald’s debuting of a grand hiring initiative targeted at unemployed white youth? What about the white stripper who knowingly falsely accused a bunch of innocent black college kids of raping her, leading to their being wrongly demonized by the media, while she went off and killed her boyfriend?

The cherry on top is that these sorts of things—of white youth going on violent, chaotic rampages that often target innocent black folk—have been happening essentially on a weekly basis for years. Did you know that?

No? You haven’t heard?

Of course you didn’t—because none of the above happened. But if it did happen, you’d hear about it non-stop. I’m sure it would even warrant President Obama to give one of his supposedly orgasm-inducing, nation-healing, war-ending, sea-parting speeches of unmatchable gravitas. And don’t even get me started on the raft of civil suits; the wailing of race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton; the millions—or billions—paid out to the victimized blacks; the hate crime charges against the violent, racist whites; and the endless stream of anti-White legislation that would pour forth from DC, with the ridiculous career politicians esteeming themselves as an army of resurrected Churchills brought back to life to battle the second coming of MechaHitler.

But, of course, all of the above has happened with the races reversed. Black “youths” have become increasingly brazen in going on rampages attacking innocent, minding-their-own-business white folk who have the misfortune of having been reared in a society that tells them that rendering yourself defenseless is sophisticated and moral, being a victim is the only way to gain the attention of our fellow humans that our diversity-induced isolation has starved us of, and, as evil whites oppressors, we really had it coming anyway.

Beyond a white populace that has largely neutered itself and considers its own victimization and eradication to be the moral high ground in the never-ending quest for “social justice”, these out-of-control black “youths” also understand that they will never be held to account, precisely because they are black youths. There will be no race hustlers, there will be no gnashing of teeth by Eric “My People” Holder at the DoJ, and there will certainly be no “teaching moments” by our Affirmative-Action-Poster-Child-in-Chief.

And we can certainly expect the MSM to continue do what they do best: amplify that which fits their agenda; minimize or omit that which detracts from it.

Just like the good little propagandists they are.


Written by Ex Machina

April 21, 2011 at 9:19 am

Caped Crusaders – Government in a Nutshell

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…Or, really, a cape.

So…(long, exasperated pause)…this is what happens when you get handed millions of dollars of strangers’ money and are told to go find somewhere spend it, lest you give lie to the ridiculous waste that is your department’s operating budget.

Ah, bureaucrats…is there any idea too dumb for them?

Apparently not.


Florida officials are investigating an unemployment agency that spent public money to give 6,000 superhero capes to the jobless.

Workforce Central Florida spent more than $14,000 on the red capes as part of its “Cape-A-Bility Challenge” public relations campaign. The campaign featured a cartoon character, “Dr. Evil Unemployment,” who needs to be vanquished.


How sad is it that in the collective mind of the ruling class, spending tax dollars on cartoon characters and capes for the jobless is a way to battle unemployment…as opposed to, say, cutting taxes so businesses can keep more of their money…which they can then reinvest in their businesses…thereby growing their businesses…thereby creating, you know, jobs.

Modern liberalism (for lack of a better term) is truly a mental disorder, and a horrible one at that. It binds the afflicted to a lifetime of perpetual infantilism, all the while convincing them that it is exactly their deplorable behavior, their severely stunted maturation, and their suckling at the teat (or lower!) of the ruling class that renders them morally and intellectually superior to their involuntary benefactors…benefactors who suffer a fusillade of insults and smears any time they have the temerity to suggest that these narcissistic leeches grow up, act like adults, and earn their keep.

Yet it is precisely these sad, afflicted, overgrown children who are running our country.

And rather poorly, I might add.

Maybe they just need better capes…

Written by Ex Machina

April 19, 2011 at 5:53 pm