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Yesterday, four innocent Americans were killed by Somali pirates.

You may recall a similar story from not too long ago involving the Russians. “Similar”, of course, only by virtue of the fact that Somali pirates took a Russian ship; the rest of the story, however, is quite different: In response, Russian commandos stormed their commandeered ship in the dead of night, liberated their countrymen (and their ship), arrested the pirates, handcuffed them to their (the pirates’) boat’s rigging—now here’s where it gets really good—lit the boat on fire with the pirates chained to itfilmed it…and posted it on YouTube for all the world to see.

All the world, mind you, including Somali pirates.

Now, guess what some non-Russian ships from small countries—countries without the supposed clout and superior military force of the United States—do when sailing through the pirate-infested waters of the Gulf of Aden? They hoist Russian flags, knowing that the Somali pirates, wild simians though they be, at least can do some basic visual pattern matching and recognize that that flag indicates the ship is not to be messed with.

One may wonder: How does the “world’s only super power”, with the most technologically-advanced military on the planet, allow its citizens to be killed by a motley band of missing links on barely-seaworthy rafts? Not only that, it’s not like this came out of the blue: These animals have been terrorizing these waters for decades, with a marked increase in these types of incidences over the past few years.

One may also wonder: Why does President Obama, who seems to be highly concerned about shoving a wealth-redistributive healthcare scheme down the throats of protesting majorities, suing his own states for daring to enforce immigration law, or using his massive and massively-financed political machine to topple a duly-elected governor’s attempt to execute the very things he was voted into office to execute—why does this president seem so inept in dealing with these international situations in which Americans are being killed by the world’s most ruthless and brutal thugs?

Any chance it could be his complete and utter lack of real-world experience?

Here’s a hypothetical question: What if those four murdered Americans were…

…instead of four folksy, white Christians (who perhaps are undistinguishable to President Obama because they’re, you know, typical white people)—might Obama have been a bit more impassioned about their defense?

(But to question President Obama’s racial biases is, of course, being racist, so I should stop that line of questioning before the thought police come down on me and I lose my job, my friends, my family, and get permanently blackballed from ever participating in “civil society” again.)

Now consider: Of those pirates who brutally murdered those four good, innocent Americans, 13 or 14 (I’ve read some conflicting numbers) will be brought to trial in the US and likely be holed up in a US prison for the rest of their lives.

Please take a moment to consider this: The pirates, who hail from one of the most impoverished, dysfunctional “nations” in the world, are going to be brought to America, put up in comparatively comfortable quarters, fed three squares a day (something they’re certainly not getting on a regular basis at home), given cable TV, books, full workout facilities, healthcare—healthcare—forget “better healthcare”—they now get healthcare whereas in Somalia they have nothing!…lawyers, Imams, Korans, prayer mats, etc…and—hold yourself—all paid for by the American taxpayer.

To pour some additional salt into the wound, keep in mind that when we say “American taxpayer”, we mean almost exclusively productive people who get up every day and go to work and earn a living—which the state and federal governments then strip to pay for, amongst other things, housing lawless, international murderers of innocent American citizens. (Yes, there are also sales taxes and the like that everyone, technically, pays—but factor in what is given back by the state and federal governments to the poorest amongst us, and their net tax contributions are effectively zero—if not more often negative.)

And who are these poorest amongst us? Well, for starters, there are the Somali refugees graciously taken in by “forward-thinking”, “compassionate” Minnesotan liberals. Guess how that’s working out for everyone?

Look, people—for any of you benighted fools out there still gullibly swallowing the Liberal Establishment bullsh-t: Gladly taking in and supporting people who steal your stuff, burn down your house, rape your mothers, beat your fathers, kill your children, and destroy your once-friendly and safe neighborhood because they are functional retards who have no appreciation for all the good things you’ve given them and only hate you all the more for doing so is not “forward-thinking” or “compassionate“—it’s stupid, cowardly, masochistic, and suicidal—not to mention fatally unfair to those who are exposed to these pariahs courtesy of your best-of-intentions.

There is no other way to describe it if one wishes to be forthright.

With that in mind, take a look at the situation in Libya. Remember back in the 80’s when Qaddafi was essentially the proto-Bin Laden, funding and orchestrating terrorist attacks against innocent Americans, Europeans, and Israelis the world over? Remember what made him stop? Give yourself a prize if you answered “President Reagan sent in a squadron of fighter jets and bombed the f*** out of the homes of Qaddafi’s family and paramilitary.” Remember how Qaddafi played nice after that (barring much later reports that he and/or his military were involved in the Lockerbie bombing)?

Next question on the subject: Do you remember when Qaddafi started playing really nice? When he not only ceased killing innocent people for the hell of it, but actually started cooperating with the US—e.g., handing over Muslims extremists, helping to “smoke out” Al Qaeda, etc.? Remember about when that started? Yup—on the heels of the world watching a ragged, filthy Saddam Hussein get pulled out of a “spider hole” by American military and then get his neck stretched courtesy of his fellow Muslim brothers.

And what happened once Obama—the Great American Apologist who would, we were promised by everyone in the Liberal Establishment, turn the tide of world opinion back in favor of the United States after eight years of the “disastrous” “Bush Doctrine” (you know the one—the guiding philosophy that by forcibly converting Iraq into a functioning Democracy, it would create a domino effect whereby the hoi polloi of neighboring nations would realize they didn’t have to live under the thumbs of ruthless dictators, and so would rise up against them—you remember that crazy doctrine that would never, ever, ever work we were repeatedly told, right?)—took the reins of the US? Remember what happened in 2009, within a year of Obama’s inauguration?

Here’s a reminder: That “Lockerbie Bomber” was released back to Libya per Qaddafi’s sudden threats against British Petroleum, who in turn pressured the UK government to provide some assistance.

And when a peaceful (turned violent, and now quickly escalating into an all-out civil war) movement started in Libya this past week to oust Qaddafi and his brutal regime, Qaddafi did what again? That’s right: He unleashed the full force of his military to kill his own countrymen and vowed to defy any and all international pressure to step aside. Remember that? I mean, it’s still happening, so it shouldn’t strain the memory too much.

Imagine: An evil, brutal dictator played nice when America used (or threatened to use) overwhelming force against him, and immediately returned to his evil ways once that charming, “post-racial”, wildly inexperienced, far-left liberal got voted into the White House and gave the warm-and-fuzzy, über-sophisticated, so-not-cowboyish promise to “extend a hand if you’d only unclench your fist.”

And guess what: As Libya descends into violent anarchy (in a Muslim nation—go figure!) and civil war, there are some estimated 5,000 Americans living—and now presumed trapped—within the country.

And what’s been the Obama administration’s efforts to bring them to safety?

Granted, we don’t, can’t, and shouldn’t know the details of those efforts at this time (outside of apparent efforts to ferry them out as I write this)—but can’t one be forgiven for thinking that the ostensible deer-in-headlights pussy-footing that we’re seeing this completely inexperienced administration doing once again as yet another Mid East nation goes up in flames is not some poker face routine but is, on the contrary, exactly as it appears to be: i.e., a far-left administration so focused on “community organizing” the whole of the American people into a macrocosm of hopelessly dysfunctional leftist Chicago (side note: yeah Rahm!) that they once again are caught without a plan, coherent strategy, or desire to deal with the international problems at hand? (Which is, of course, one of the federal government’s very few principle duties.)

And what does this portend for all of those Americans holed up inside an exploding and imploding—and, of course, America-demagoguing—Libya? Will Obama be willing to stop butting into the wholly and solely state politics of Wisconsin (and Indiana and Ohio…) and focus on readying every tool in his arsenal—including overwhelming military force—to bring our fellow Americans home to safety?

Or will those thousands of American citizens in Libya end up like those four innocent white folk recently kidnapped by a gaggle of simians on a dinghy, made so vulnerable and ultimately killed because our Liberal Establishment would rather sacrifice its own citizens than bear the condescension of snotty, adolescent Europeans who’d invariably charge we aren’t sufficiently concerned about the “human dignity” of ruthless barbarians?

All of the above (this blog ain’t called “Logorrheatorium” for nothing, btw) boils down to a simple, commonsensical point: There are evil people in the world, capable of unimaginably horrendous acts, and who will not be swayed by anything except brute f***ing force. And if you really care about humanity—really care, and don’t just pay hip lip service to that notion—then you’d recognize that in the interest of humanity, you’ll have to crack a few [bad] eggs once and awhile.

(Unfortunately, the Liberal Establishment has been hard at work for the past half century caking the eyes of the citizens of the Western World with pie-in-the-sky fantasies about world harmony and Kumbaya while simultaneously erasing the history of the nation that has served as one of the greatest forces for good in the whole of human civilization. As a result, common sense, as they say, ain’t so common any more.)

So the question is not “When did we become this pitiful nation of dim-witted, importunate, ball-less, sniveling Neville Chamberlains?” (obvious answer: the “60’s”), but rather: Will our younger generations do the growing up—and the growing of a pair—that their parents never did? Will they recognize that the real world does not abide by the dictates of Liberal fantasies, but rather uses these fantasies as a means to exploit the naïve, weak, and credulous? And will they be able to muster the honesty, courage, and diligence necessary to restore this nation as a safe and secure haven for the good people of the world, where they can live their lives in freedom, peace, prosperity, and progress?

In short, will American youth resume the mantle that has been dutifully carried by generations of sober-minded and adult Americans (these qualifiers, of course, except the Boomers and X’ers from this noble legacy), or will they adopt the depraved self-indulgence and suicidal insanity of their parents’ generation and watch this grand experiment in human excellence crumble into the pit of debilitating uncertainty, violent chaos, and relentless despair that typifies much of the rest of the world?

While the Obama administration ambivalently (and impotently) sputters as American lives hang in the balance, and though we may not be able to do much for our fellow Americans currently held hostage by the world’s miscreants (both at home and abroad), we can at least try to rescue our future—i.e., our youth—to wake them up from the Liberal Establishment’s induced dogmatic slumber, help them learn to recognize and accept reality for what it is, provide them the spiritual guidance necessary to differentiate right from wrong, and give them the education and resources that will enable them to stand up to and defend themselves and their loved ones against evil men and their sadistic machinations.

Though that task may seem daunting, it is certainly achievable.

And never forget that, as the pitch goes, we got to be in it to win it. If we don’t fight, we can’t win.


Written by Ex Machina

February 23, 2011 at 9:48 am

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