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Post-60’s journalism “journalism” in a nutshell: http://www.youtube.com/user/Battlefield315#p/u/2/zF3hbPtCttc

W: I can filter out all the inaccurate stuff.
M: How?
W: I can use my liberal world-view as a guide. If anything contradicts it, I know it either didn’t really happen, or wasn’t worth reporting.

M: I see a Pulitzer Prize in your future!

Hear about the white politicians in Charlotte, North Carolina who conspired with all—all—of the local hotels and conference centers to prevent the NAACP from gathering and holding a meeting with its supporters anywhere within the city limits? No? Well, that’s because it never happened.

Of course, if it did happen, we’d all hear about it non-stop for months, and we’d have legislation pouring out of Washington to try to prevent any possible future evil, racist, white fascists from trying to suppress anyone’s Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of speech ever again. And protests—violent, demagoguing protests by the Liberal Establishment’s ridiculous brownshirts. And imagine the lawsuits! Oh, the lawsuits and sums of damages that Revrum Al, Jesse Jackson, and their merry band of scumbag lawyers could drum up! Lawd, al’mighty!

Now, take the same exact situation, but reverse the races. Oh, and, instead of being a hypothetical situation, this one’s real.

Oh, and one more detail: This is the second year in a row that this has happened (last year by threats of violence, this year courtesy the collusion of local government and business leaders).

How much attention has the media given this real news story of the suppression of the Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to peaceable assembly and speech of intelligent, kind, civilized, patriotic Americans? Well, I’m confident that faithful consumers of Soviet-era Pravda the MSM will never have heard of it.

From Alexander Hart over at VDare:

Local news station WSOC-TV said that Cannon “feared violent opposition to the group’s presence in the Queen City” and quoted him as saying,“We’ve always been about trying to be as inclusive as we possibly can be, and I will tell you when you have extreme groups on any side coming, it should raise a red flag.” [White Nationalist Group Banned From Charlotte Hotel, WSOC-TV, January 27, 2011]

This seems to be an acknowledgement that he is not really worried about violence coming from American Renaissance attendees—given their track record, he had no reason to—but by violent left-wing protesters. 

This raises the question: why doesn’t he use his “bully pulpit”, as an as an African American Democrat, to tell these left wing “anti-racist” activists to respect other’s rights?

Of course these commonsense questions are never asked by the Main Stream Media.  In fact, outside of the local Charlotte media and publications like VDARE.com and AlternativeRight, absolutely no one is even mentioning the cancellation of the conference.”

Of course not. The MSM, like any propagandist organ serving at the pleasure of a totalitarian ruling class, employs deception less through outright lies (as it’s tough to save face when caught passing off pure fiction as solid fact; see, e.g., Dan Rather) than they do via amplifying news that fits their agenda, and minimizing—or outright omitting—news that contradicts it or might otherwise give the unwashed masses “dangerous” ideas.

But let’s be clear: This lack of reporting of the egregious oppression of American Renaissance’s rights is not just an example of MSM bias by omission. We also have plenty of examples of outright lies/misinformation. Do a search in Google News on “Jared Taylor” and at least half the headlines come up describing AR as “White Supremacist” or “Anti-Semitic” (e.g., here). Spend just a few minutes on Taylor’s American Renaissance
site and you’ll find no claims of white supremacy in any regard (Taylor himself claims to be a “yellow-supremacist”, repeatedly citing Asians’ perpetual topping of all measures of intellectual achievement), and certainly nothing that could possibly be described as “anti-Semitic” (there are many active Jewish contributors and participants at American Renaissance, Taylor does not differentiate between “white” and “Jewish”, and he is actually hated by neo-Nazi types for this perceived “philo-Semitism”). Beyond this, there is nary a sign of racist language proper—no vulgarity, no slurs, no cruel or unnecessary maligning of any individual or group. What Taylor and his fellow contributors at American Renaissance provide are simply 1) links to [typically local] news stories that “somehow” never find their way onto the national networks or major newspapers, and 2) links to an array of books, articles, and other reference materials that are civil, scholarly, intelligent, empirically-based studies that contradict the Liberal Establishment’s many preposterous and outright deceitful dogmas.

And lastly, this [non-] story serves as a case in point of the MSM’s third method of “information management”: unabashedly insulting and smearing those who present an alternative perspective to the Liberal Orthodoxy. The examples abound, but perhaps none quite capture it so neatly and concisely as this piece by the Charlotte Observer: Free speech covers all, even the primitive.

Don’t believe me? Think I’m running interference for Taylor and American Renaissance, trying to put a happy face on anachronistic racists who threaten all the supposed racial progress we’ve made since Leftists infested every hall of power in American politics and culture? Well, fine—don’t believe me. But while you’re at it, be fair about it and don’t believe the MSM’s version either. Instead, go do your own fact-checking. Like conservatives in general (unlike leftists almost universally), Taylor says what he means and means what he says, and his work is out there for all to see, fully exposed, without any deceit or trickery: www.amren.com. Go there. Go find evidential support for the MSM’s lazy, libelous characterization of “White Supremacism”, of “Anti-Semitism”, of “Racism”, of “Hate”, of “Ignorance”, of “Xenophobia”, of “Primitiveness”, or any other such ad hominem smear.

Next, go read up a bit about Jared Taylor; check out his debates with the likes of anti-White racist “anti-racism speaker” Tim Wise; learn a bit about his history, his perspectives, his attitudes.

Now, if you’ve done your homework over at AmRen.com and perhaps a bit on Jared Taylor, reexamine the MSM’s characterization of American Renaissance and/or Jared Taylor (when it bothers to mention either one at all). So…how well does that characterization jibe with what you found during your own research?

All hail our liberal stewards of objective journalism!

It is a fact—as much a fact that the earth revolves around the sun and the moon is not made of cheese—that the MSM has a far-left agenda, and that they drive this agenda with all the devious perfidy of any of the [staggeringly violent] Statist regimes of the past century who sought their rise to—and maintenance of—power via carefully controlling what the people know, what they don’t, and what stays at the forefront of their political thinking (via repetition and emphasis of the establishment’s formulated talking points).

Anyone with their eyes open and a shred of intellectual honesty understands and admits as much. The trouble is the good and honest people out there who have not ventured off the information monopoly of the Fourth Estate Plantation and into the blogosphere where red-blooded Americans—and freedom lovers the planet over—are hacking away, desperately, at the foundation of the Liberal Establishment before it snuffs out yet one more great civilization.

(And, what’s more, this is not just one more great civilization. Like the title of Bill Bennett’s book, America truly is the world’s last, best hope.)

Hear about that shooting in Tucson of US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords? What has been the MSM narrative that, despite ever-mounting evidence against that very narrative, started the moment the bodies fell and continues—though largely abated—to this day? Give yourself a prize if you answered that “radical, right-wing” rhetoric of radical, racist, “overwhelmingly white”, ignorant, violent, bible-thumping, trigger-happy, redneck Tea Partiers—along with Sarah Palin’s cross hairs over Gifford’s district (but not, of course, the DNC’s maps with targets and bulls’ eyes)—were to blame for creating a toxic, vitriolic, violent “climate of hate” that inspired a clearly schizophrenic individual to shoot a bunch of random people. (Including a conservative federal judge—and, incidentally, the only public official killed by the insinuated “right-wing-inspired” killer. By the way, what was that slain conservative judge’s name again? Oh…you don’t know? Why not? If you heard his name mentioned in casual conversation, would you immediately recognize it as belonging to the lone political murder of Jared Loughner? What about for the name “Gabrielle Giffords”—would you recognize that name if brought up randomly? And might the name “Sarah Palin” also come to mind, attached, as it were, as if by some causal link? You may wish to re-read the paragraph above that begins with “It is a fact…”)

So, in this MSM-created miasma of “guilty-before-proven-innocent”, only to be followed by “guilty-despite-being-proven-innocent”, did you hear about the guy who threatened—on camera, during an ABC news episode about the “camaraderie” and “coming together” of the Tucson community after the tragedy—the very life of a Tea Party leader in the audience? (Quote: “You’re dead.“) Hmm? We do still hear talk about “toning down the rhetoric” and engaging in “civil discourse” don’t we? (Which, of course, applies only to Republicans and conservatives and not—not, I repeat—to Democrats and liberals.) Well, what about this story—about a guy clearly driven to his violent hate of a Tea Partier courtesy of the MSM’s obsession with insinuating—if not some outright declaring—that the blame for the murder of six innocent people lie squarely upon those in the quote-unquote “Tea Party”?

What about the rally in Oakland ostensibly held for the same purpose—to honor the Tucson victims and stand in solidarity with the survivors—the one that descended into an anti-white, anti-conservative hate-fest…which the local news obligingly tuned out? That story ring a bell?

Amplify that which fits the agenda, minimize or omit that which detracts from it.

Besides not wanting to put the Liberal Establishment’s foot soldiers (and thus the Liberal Establishment itself) in a bad light, anyone else find it highly coincidental that a local channel in Oakland, the national news network ABC, and who knows how many other local news bureaus that honest citizen journalists may have missed, found it so important to start broadcasting stories specifically about national solidarity with the Tucson shooting victims…right around the time President Obama made his official speech in Tucson…a speech that was literally branded—replete with white & blue (what? no red?) posters and placards and t-shirts and such—with the slogan “Together We Thrive”? Pure coincidence that the MSM seemed to be marching in lock-step with the White House’s message, so much so that they systematically flagrantly dropped any and all evidence that the country was not only not united in grief, but was, in fact, viciously divided thanks to liberals’ immediate attempts the nation over to exploit the tragedy as a means to smear and silence their political opponents?

Again, are journalists there to drive the federal government’s message—even if, as in this case, the message is an entirely appropriate one—or to report the truth—the whole truth, and nothing but the truth—of whatever it is they’re covering?

And between these two poles—between [poorly] surreptitiously advancing the ruling class’s talking points vs. stalwart reporting of the facts, no matter how inconvenient or demoralizing they may be—where do the actions of the MSM consistently lie?

Speaking of people being driven to violent acts by the words of politicians and the climate their sycophants create, anyone remember the story about the guy who went on a shooting rampage at Discovery Channel headquarters…because—BECAUSE—in his own words—he was inspired by Al Gore’s fraudulent “documentary”
An Inconvenient Truth? Remember that? Remember all the conservatives on “radical, right-wing” Fox “Faux” News implying that Al Gore, the global “global warming” conspiracy, the socialistic greenies, and the legions of all the above’s useful idiots were to blame for this shooting? Don’t remember that either? That’s because it never happened. See, when one is based in reality, it’s easy to understand that crazy people will do crazy things and draw inspiration from anywhere. We should no more shut-up Al Gore or Sarah Palin or the Tea Partiers than we should censor all movies and images of Jodie Foster because John Hinckley Jr. shot President Ronald Reagan out of his psychotic obsession with the actress. Conservatives get that. Liberals don’t.

Because leftist thinking isn’t based in reality. It’s based in power. And they [leftists] will do and say anything and everything to maintain that power.

I’ll leave with just a few of the more recent gems from our USSA’s state-led MSM:

  • Remember those KKK members in full garb standing outside the voting booths during the 2008 Presidential elections, brandishing cudgels and yelling threatening, racial slurs at black voters? Remember all the media attention that received? Remember when multiple members of the Department of Justice resigned in protest because they claimed the DoJ was actively refusing to prosecute white people, instead focusing their efforts on prosecuting blacks and Hispanics instead? Remember when an internal investigation backed up these claims and found the DoJ was, in fact, espousing a race-based agenda regarding pursuing federal prosecutions? Remember? Right; I’ve reversed the races here, so this story has been dutifully swept under the rug.
  • Say, recall the endless headlines whenever an anti-abortion extremist murders an extremist abortionist? And what happens when the murderer is an abortionist? Crickets, perhaps?
  • I think the MSM forgot to tell the DR about the wonders and strengths of diversity! Dominican crackdown on Haitian migrants sows fear
  • Anyone hear about this little tidbit? I’m guessing not.
  • MSM devotees, happen to catch this story? Behold the glory of lax immigration policies and open borders!
  • And for the win: Just how eager are “journalists” to report anything that helps them to smear the right? Answer: This eager.

And on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and onad nauseum.

“There’s no earthly way of knowing,
Which direction we are going.
There’s no knowing where we’re rowing
Or which way the river’s flowing.
Is it raining?
Is it snowing?
Is a hurricane a-blowing?
Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing.
Are the fires of hell a glowing?
Is the grisly reaper mowing?
Yes! The danger must be growing,
For the rowers keep on rowing,
And they’re certainly not showing
Any signs that they are slowing!”

“Wonka, this has gone far enough!”

“Quite right, Sir! STOP THE BOAT!”

To all who have eyes yet are not yet seeing the danger, I beg you, stop the boat!

Written by Ex Machina

February 2, 2011 at 8:44 am

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