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Liberalism: The More it Fails, the More it Succeeds

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1965 [Immigration Reform] Hart-Cellar Act removed all those mean, “racist” quotas and let anyone from anywhere in the world immigrate to the US.

Of course, this was the work of liberals.

And conservative detractors at the time were assured by their liberal “friends” that there would be no upsetting of national demographics as a result.

Fast-forward 45 years. The white population of the US has gone from ~90% as of 1965 to 53% as of 2010, and is likely to dip below 50% by 2020.

Which demographics had the most gains since then? Hispanics, followed by blacks.

What else has happened alongside this rise of the black and “Latino” populations, and the fall of the white population?

  • Obesity has become an “epidemic”.
  • Health care costs have grown exponentially.
  • Entitlement costs (myriad welfare benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, earned-income tax credits for low-wage earners, etc.) are bankrupting the country.
  • Educational achievement is tanking and, in completely inverse proportion, the cost of education is exploding.
  • Confidence in America’s leadership is at an all-time low, corresponding to an all-time low of both the competence and fidelity of said leadership.
  • Random, violent, sadistic crime—particularly perpetrated against women and children—has become the norm.
  • The rule of law is flagrantly ignored in all of America’s most “diverse” cities.
  • Muslims have been free to come into our nation and kill innocent American civilians by the tens, hundreds, and thousands.
  • A giant federal police state has been erected to deal with these Muslim immigrants—who since 1965, of course, have been allowed to freely enter the country.
  • Americans—and their businesses—are more regulated, more taxed, more policed, and more controlled by their government—i.e., we are less free—than at any other time in the history of the nation.

So, one might conclude that the liberals’ 1965 wet dream of immigration reform has been a complete, catastrophic, total bust, no?

Of course it has. But the Liberal Establishment, which controls the messaging to the populace via the media, academia, and political discourse, would never admit as much and continues to shift blame to the usual suspects: whites, Christians, and conservatives.

So, in light of this, what’s the solution?

Well, on the topic of gun violence, according to this “scientist” and this “scientific periodical”, the answer is simple: Socialism!

Like Homer Simpson said of beer: “Liberalism: The cause of—and solution to—all of life’s problems!”

Written by Ex Machina

January 27, 2011 at 10:27 am

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