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Reality is Racist

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To paraphrase a witticism from Stephen Colbert (from his otherwise typically only-funny-because-you-desperately-want-it-to-be orgy of insatiable conservative-bashing): Reality is racist.

This is by no means a novel thought, and I’m sure I’m not the first person to write it as such. It’s just that it popped into my head when I read the following headlines in this morning’s USA Today (with the thoughts that sprung to mind below):

“Analysts to seek common denominators and study whether training, resources are sufficient.”
Question: If that “common denominator” turns out to be “black male, 16 – 40”, what then?
Wouldn’t that be racist, and therefore not only verboten but impossible to do anything about in terms of practical policies to protect the lives of police officers?


“Smoking, obesity problems cut three to four years off longevity;
Japan among high-income countries outliving Americans.”
Say, don’t blacks and Latinos have disproportionately higher rates of smoking and obesity?
What if we were to exclude these two demographics from our comparison?
What might those numbers look like?

So I decided to start writing on this only as another attempt to encourage those good and honest—if not also, perhaps, a bit obstinate—”race idealists” to reexamine their axioms.

The fact is, reality is often unpleasant; the truth, ugly. I have no doubt that it is precisely this that has proven instrumental in our nation’s enemies’ ability to manipulate—brainwash even—our overwhelmingly good-hearted and well-intentioned citizenry to do their [our enemies’] self-enriching bidding at our own expense, and to our very detriment.

Those on the left, overwhelmingly, are supremely confident in their apprehension of reality, and therefore it’s a simple syllogism for them to declare any substantive disagreement as a telltale sign that their contester is both stupid and ignorant (if not also evil, for the trifecta). Though I despise this arrogance and wish to avoid it at all costs, on this particular issue I can’t deny the conviction I feel that I—and the many others out there of like mind—are the ones basing our views firmly in reality—upon evidence, reason, scientific consensus, etc.—while it is those who disagree with us that, while not necessarily being stupid or ignorant, are likely adrift in a dogmatic slumber, lulled to sleep by the ceaseless, chanting indoctrination of the Liberal Establishment. (Or, less likely, they are part of the evil, motley conglomerate of enemies of our free, enlightened civilization who are trying their damnedest—like all Marx-inspired ideologues and tyrants before them—to bury or obscure the truth so as to destroy us and our way of life.)

A central tenet of our modern liberal orthodoxy is that all races are created equal. (It should be noted that “equal” here means “equal in ability, aptitude, and attitude“, rather than the nation’s founding documents that use this wording to mean “equal in unalienable rights and application of the law.” Note also that such a distinction should be obvious and thus unnecessary to articulate…were it not for 50 years’ worth of deliberate equivocation and obfuscation by the Liberal Establishment.)

Rather than counter this with my direct refutation (i.e., no, they are not), I’ll instead pose a question:

Imagine you were raised never having heard expressions like “diversity is strength!”; never exposed to the sort of racial pandering so common throughout our news and entertainment media, and our academic, political, and corporate organizations; never heard of “hate speech” or “hate crimes”; never read about officers of the law being accused of “racial profiling”, or of people being victimized for “driving while black”; never suffered discrimination due to the sundry “affirmative action” or diversity initiatives rife throughout the collegiate system, government agencies, public corporations, and private endowments; never lost a promotion, failed to get a job, or were sued due to concerns over “disparate impact.”

Imagine you were raised in a United States of America that was truly [racially] color-blind; an America where the law was applied without regard to race, religion, or sexual orientation; where people trusted each other enough to let the chips fall where they may, and if someone were to cry “disparate impact”, society would unfailingly presume the responsibility lay with the claimant, not the institution so charged; where people were allowed to fail or succeed on their own terms—to keep what they earned, or to live with the consequences if they failed—without elaborate and endless, racially-punitive wealth-transference schemes; where there was no deeply-indoctrinated reflex to dismiss everything and anything that advocates any part of the above hypothetical situation, or so much as implies something even only slightly uncomplimentary of certain races or ethnicities, as “racist”, “nativist”, “xenophobic”, or worse.

In short, imagine you were raised in an America starkly different than the one we inhabit today—one that was still racially, ethnically, religiously, and ideologically diverse, but where these differences were truly treated as superficial and moot, and not exploited for political leverage, extortion, or the intentional destruction of the nation.

Now imagine—in the midst of all of your experiences in this melting pot, but absent the relentlessly repeated mandate that you not allow any negative judgments against non-whites to seep into your thinking (with the caveat being that if you’re criticizing whites, fire away!)—you were asked the following question:

Do you think all races are created equal (in terms of their physical, intellectual, behavioral capacities)?

What would your answer be, based solely upon your experiences and your knowledge of the world—not upon what you were well-trained to respond with when confronted with such unpleasant questions?

Would you honestly say, looking around you, that any race—any population of a people of similar outward appearance and genetic clustering, in large enough number (say, to populate a modern town or city)—has the essentially identical capacity to form an advanced, free, peaceful, prosperous, productive, functional civilization as any other race?

If so, what evidence might you summon to support this claim?

(Note I ask for evidence—not excuses. Evidence, of course, is what stuff like science is made of. Science does not say, “Earth only looks like it’s rotating around the sun because the evil sun had easy access to all sorts of guns, germs, and steel! Anyone not ignorant, stupid, and earthist knows that the sun rotates around the earth!” These are excuses—rhetorical epicycles and deferents devised by the Liberal Clergy, and inculcated in their flock—used to evade the conclusion being highlighted over and over again by the ever-mounting evidence so that one may remain comfortably asleep, their cherished fantasies about the world left undisturbed.)

So what is the point? To discriminate against blacks and Latinos?

That’s a common, reflexive, and completely insincere question used as nothing but a diversionary tactic by race idealists; it does not even warrant a response. However, I will say this: You are an idiot if you think you can judge an individual by the color of his skin…and you are equally an idiot if you think you can’t judge a population by the [predominant] color if its skin.

And the latter half of that statement is the point here—and it’s a critical point: The fate of the United States of America—if not Western Civilization as a whole—lies in our ability to face up to the truth in this matter, regardless of how unpleasant that truth may be.

Look at our immigration policy. Look at birth rates by race and ethnicity. Look at the national demographic trends. And look, again, hard, at what certain racial demographics have made of so many erstwhile brilliant, productive, beautiful cities throughout the nation. And look how consistent this is with the results whenever they’ve aggregated anywhere in the world, at any point in time.

If current demographic trends continue unabated, would one honestly expect this nation to not disintegrate into the same mess of stupidity, torpidity, debauchery, corruption, destitution, violence, and general anarchy of so many of our once-fine cities?

If the answer is “no”, then again I ask: Based on what evidence?

If we do not look to reform many of our domestic and international policies (regarding education, immigration, welfare, healthcare, foreign aid, etc.) now—right now—such that they are based upon reality instead of Liberal Establishment fantasy—what will our posterity ultimately face somewhere down the road if not a “Sophie’s Choice” between ethnic cleansing on one hand, or catastrophic national collapse on the other?

Humbly, gently, I join the chorus of those pleading for those with any love of this country to wake up; to arise from your dogmatic slumber. These voices aren’t tormenting dreams in your head, but those of friends desperately trying to wake you before it’s too late and you’ve—we’ve—lost the day.

“Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death.” (Schopenhauer)

And in this dawning—on this road to Damascus if you will—there is nothing quite so exhilarating and edifying as being present for your own birth; to move yourself out from the darkness and into the light.

And to then grow up and realize that all is not well; rather—far from it—that you have a fight on your hands—a fight for the very survival of your country and, by extension, yourself and your loved ones.

And then perhaps what follows is a set of Kübler-Rossian-like stages: first denial, then anger, then bargaining, then depression…

And then, finally, to accept.

And then to steel yourself.

And then, to fight.

Written by Ex Machina

January 26, 2011 at 12:22 pm

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