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Awhile back, a rather funny story of MA Liberal-douchebag-in-chief, John Kerry, was discovered docking his yacht in Rhode Island so as to avoid Massachusetts slip taxes. Now it appears NYC auditors are interested in putting some heat on Manhattan’s rich and famous for fraudulently claiming to live primarily out of the city: City takes aim at rich, famous like Alec Baldwin, Derek Jeter, who may be fibbing on where they live

This is just the most recent headline involving high-profile, rich, powerful, and incredibly self-important liberals who, in their infinite wisdom and moral superiority, preach the goodness and “social justice” of high taxation as a means of “spreading the wealth”…while at the same time doing everything in their power to limit their tax exposure.

Of course I don’t begrudge them of the latter. Who in their right mind doesn’t want to limit how much of their rightful earnings the government can forcibly take—and then only to egregiously misspend?

The problem—as is so often the problem when dealing with liberals—is that their words lie in direct counterpoint to their actions. They claim the intellectual and moral superiority of some policy—in this case, ever-elevated taxes on those evil “rich people”—and then covertly avoid having to abide by said policy, instead sticking it to the hoi polloi who were either wheedled into agreeing with them, or mercilessly ridiculed for arguing against them.

And ever-increasing taxes is but one of a raft of political ideas that the liberal elite have no problem trumpeting because they know that they have the resources to figure out how to avoid being victimized by it. The rest of us, unfortunately, are seldom so lucky.

As an example, consider “diversity”. Of course, “diversity”, when used by a liberal, means forcibly injecting blacks and Latinos into communities or institutions comprised predominantly of whites. Forced bussing, forced integration of schools, forced funding of low-income or no-income housing in communities deemed “too white”—all of these things have proven immensely catastrophic to the communities, schools, and businesses in which the liberal establishment got its way. But yet the liberal establishment—itself
overwhelmingly white—finds itself comfortably ensconced in gated communities or developments with houses of such astronomical value that they have rendered their communities impervious to the black & brown plagues that they have forced upon middle-class white communities, schools, and businesses the nation over.

And of course the same thing goes for taxes. With ever-more byzantine tax regulations at city, state, and federal levels, one must hire a high-priced accountant—or spend an inordinate amount of one’s own precious time—in order to be able to find all the loopholes and such that allow one to minimize the taxes they owe. Of course, your average middle-class American doesn’t have either the time or the resources to sleuth out all this arcana, and so they ultimately pay more than they would had they had the same resources available to them that the rich and famous have at their disposal.

Again, if liberals are so confident that their policy ideas—e.g., giant government, overbearing regulation, high taxation, “diversity”, etc.—are so wonderful and smart and compassionate, why oh why do high-power liberals do everything in their power to minimize the effects that these supposedly just and magnanimous policies would otherwise impose upon them?

And this is the hallmark difference between liberals and conservatives.

Your average liberal either does not realize or will not admit to the contradiction of what he advocates for vs. what he does in practice, while your average conservative makes every honest effort to say what he means and mean what he says.

There is no guessing what a conservative means when he says, “I want smaller government and lower taxes.” He means: “I want smaller government and lower taxes.” And his actions will often match these words, e.g.: he will vote against an expansion of government (see, e.g., Tea Parties vs. Obamacare), and he will do what he can to shield as much of his income from the voracious maw of Uncle Sam.

But when a liberal says, for example, “Higher taxes are only fair. Social justice!”, what he means is more likely than not: “F*** anyone who doesn’t have the means to [legally or illegally] evade taxes as effectively as I can!”

Think also of the shrill cries for amnesty of millions of illegal Latino immigrants (overwhelmingly from Mexico) by the liberal establishment. When a conservative says, “We should seal our borders, enforce our laws, and reexamine our immigration policies,” he means: “We should seal our borders, enforce our laws, and reexamine our immigration policies.” And if asked why, he will presumably articulate the grave dangers posed to the welfare of the nation resulting from a giant, porous border allowing anyone to enter the country, completely unchecked; a willful disregard of—if not more often outright contempt for—the nation’s laws; and an immigration policy that essentially turns our generous welfare benefits into giant magnets that attract the absolute scum of the earth. Of course, such considerations will be dismissed as “racist”, “nativist”, and “xenophobic”, and the person expressing those considerations will be given no voice whatsoever in the national media (save serving as a foil for lampooning by the likes of Colbert or the cast of The Daily Show)—and he will likely be shunned from society, have to worry about his keeping his job (let alone friends), and will more than likely be physically threatened.

But opposite this common sense is the cry for amnesty by the liberal establishment—and alwaysalways—in the name of compassion and human rights. This rallying cry is, of course, nothing but pure emotion; but behind the importunateness and oft-violent protests of the pro-amnesty crowd you will find any number of hidden agendas with concrete goals—goals that are, of course, completely at odds with the purported intentions:

“This is a great way to stick it to the gringos and reclaim lost Mexican territory.”

“This is a great way to weaken all-powerful America—via turning it into another violent, impoverished, anarchic hell-hole like Mexico and much of the rest of Central and South America!”

“This is a great way to get essentially slave labor to cook my food, clean my mansion, tend to my yachts, and drive me around in my limos so I can spread the Good News to the unwashed masses about the virtues of [them] living like cavemen so as to save the environment!”

“This is a great way to create a permanent, mammoth underclass who will always vote Democrat—and thus keep us in power—since all we ever do is promise to give blacks and Latinos free sh*t from cradle to grave—and all on the backs of evil whitey!”


Look at so many of the liberals in Congress. Hell, look at President Obama. Look how quickly they change their tune—radically change their tune—when the popularity of their political philosophies suddenly plummet after crashing against that unmovable wall known as Reality. From a man who spent twenty-some years listening to a preacher who rabidly demonized whitey and literally cursed this great nation; from a man who has more than once equivocated about American exceptionalism; from a man who is the first President of the US to bow before foreign dignitaries—including the world’s tyrants; from a man who spent two years apologizing to the world—to our allies and enemies alike—for the country that saved their skin or had the courage to stand up to their evil; from a man whose own wife openly stated that she was only proud of her country once her husband was voted—by white majorities—into this position of ultimate power; from this man who encouraged a congregation of Latino voters to “punish your enemies”—referring to his [ceaselessly characterized as] “overwhelmingly white” political opponents; from this man who, without any evidence whatsoever, called white police officers “stupid” for arresting his temper-tantrum-throwing/Harvard Professor/race hustler friend Louis “Skip” Gates; from this man who described his own grandmother derogatorily as “a typical white woman“; from this man who had admitted to wanting to embrace Marxist economic policies of “spreading the wealth around” and has pursued a radical leftist agenda since his first days in office, against the repeatedly-expressed will of the voters—from this man—from this undeniably anti-Capitalist, anti-American, anti-white man—we are (reportedly) going hear a State of the Union address expounding upon the greatness that is America, and inspiring words from liberal arch-villain Ronald Reagan? Really? Who amongst the sane and honest and intelligent could possibly buy this?

Such a complete about-face betrays, to anyone watching, the completely Machiavellian instincts of Obama and his ilk. This version of liberalism—”modern liberalism” as I often refer to it—is completely, horribly wrong. There is nothing good to say about it. And certainly one of the central pillars of its essence is the duplicitousness it creates in its adherents. Hypocrisy doesn’t even begin to cover it. These are power-vultures, with a cadre of the easily-led in tow. They have no principles, no morals, no patriotism, no love of God or country or mankind. They love themselves; they love their money; they love their power; and they love their position, high above the rest of us—scolding us, bossing us, mocking us, robbing us, toying with us. And they will spin in whatever direction is necessary—say whatever must be said, feign whatever must be feigned—in order to maintain their grip on this power and prestige.

And the sudden—and, not coincidentally, contemporaneous to the start of a conservative House of Representatives—call for “civility” and “bipartisanship” after 8 years of nonstop “Someone shoot monkeyboy BusHitler in the head!” followed by two years of “Teabaggers are radical racist KKK Nazi evil-mongers!”—is just the latest indicator of the absolute vacuum of morality, self-awareness, and integrity that defines those on the left.

This is not hypocrisy. This is a lethal social, cultural, and political disease in desperate need of a cure. And cure it we must, lest the following words from a comment left on American Renaissance prove true:

“Every (white) teacher I know dejectedly says the same thing: America is finished. The rest of the public, and some overly-optimistic posters here, don’t realize it. Come work in the trenches with us, with the children who will be the majority in this land in less than 20 years.”
– Comment by Jay, in response to the news article Oakland 2nd Graders Reportedly Engage in Sex Acts, Teacher Suspended

Personally, I don’t believe we’re done yet, but I do believe we’re it. Either we pull this nation back from the precipice, or we watch it disintegrate, ignominiously, into the dustbin of history—while the cretins at the top of the Liberal Establishment’s food chain make off with the plunder, not unlike the Bolsheviks in post-revolutionary Russia.

Written by Ex Machina

January 24, 2011 at 9:32 pm

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